Sunday, March 04, 2007

3rd march total lunar eclipse (wow!) click here for nasa link

well last night i was woken up from a peaceful nights sleeps to view a lunar eclipse which to be honest i didnt think we'd be able to see as it was ment to be very wet and cloudy all weekend. but see it we did and it was glourios to behold. lol
it went through the phases and at totality it looked preety cool as the moon almost to the naked eye seem to become very faint and a browny reddish colour absolutly magnificent. ive not seen a clearer sky in ages and so many star constelations could be seen. the moon was bright and yould clearly see all of what was happening. it was amazing to think that this eclipse could be viewed(weather dependeing) from every continant on earth wow.
it was cool and i hope you got to see it too.

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At 7:24 am , Anonymous Jo Fry said...

What is it with Mormon women? I know a few who had to be woken up to see the eclipse and it was only about 10.30 wasn't it? Must be good at keeping the WOW!!

At 7:49 am , Blogger caz said...

well i would like to confess to being in bed by 9.30pm due to me being a MORMON! but im afraid it couldnt be further from the truth. i also have M.E. and get exausted quite early on sorry thats why i was in bed not because of my faith. ive never heard such a silly thing.


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