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bb9 - mikey and darnell as kiki dee and elton john

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Funniest Crystal Maze Game

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Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #56

hutchison effect

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 5 (Last)

The True Story of the Philadelphia Experiment 3

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Living With Multiple Sclerosis

What it's like having MS ( Multiple Sclerosis)

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Jim Croce - Lovers Cross - BBC

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Blonde Girl Pregnancy Test - Funny Ad

Blonde Girl Pregnancy Test - Funny Ad

funny blind advert

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Blade Runner - Tears in Rain [1982]

this is my fav bit in this great film, its so intense and emotinally charged. what a fantastic pair in this film

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ricky gervais 80s band seona dancing

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Adam and Joe go Tokyo: Sakanakun

this guy is so cute

Adam and Joe 20% free challenge

i wish i was brave enough now to do stuff like this lol

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Squirrel playing football

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UK looks to a nuclear future - 10 Jan 08

ok im putting this on to highlight the new debate and risk involved with uk's and the worlds involmentwith nuclear energy and the problems which are posed by such a energy supply. i myself have always been against nuclear power and the things which surround it, i think that the storage of depleated uranium and other componants as wel as the transportation and security of such supplies. i will never be in favor of this as an answer to our incresing need for power and will always stand in oposition to it, not only because of the actual complications of the things ive already mentioned but also and especialy the dangers.

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How To Deal With Man Flu

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The Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma

i love this song- what a genius Morrissey is ! dont you guys get irony when you hear it no one else could pull off a song like this and other smiths stuff. when you listen to an up beat tune like this one and panic and then the words which dont really tie in , its just genius. go Morrissey!!!! and no its not offencive its about well what the songs about, theres more offensive stuff than this out there and im a girl! no this is intelligent

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Friendship, Love and Memories...

this is real friendship

To Be (1990)

Black Flies (O'Canada)

The Cat Came Back

i saw this in thew uk on one of those mixed cartoon shows tony robinson did it and have been looking for it for years. my mum used to like it too.

The tortiose and the hare - a modern tale

Cadbury Gorilla Spoof

Only an Excuse 2007 - Cadbury's Gorilla Spoof

happy easter: chick squash

ad spoof sony bravia painted man

LOST season 2 Intro

this is definatly my fav bit in lost the way they did this intro to desmond in the hatch is just genius and i love the song it realy goes with the pathos of the moment

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Gordon Lightfoot - If You Could Read My Mind

Daedelus - Fair Weather Friends

run to old

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Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't it be good

Starry Starry Night

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mick and keith

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my space site ad

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

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fundraising person site please donate-thankyou

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planet moomoo welcomes you: Ebay link to - cards i make and am selling i have christmas cards availible too

planet moomoo welcomes you: Ebay link to - cards i make and am selling i have christmas cards availible too

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Any other world - Doctor Who/Life on Mars crossover

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I Can't Decide (the Master)

The Doctor/The Master - If I Should Die

Doctor Who - The Master Dies John Simm

The Master vs Sam Tyler - 'Changes'

Life on Mars-Don't Stop Me Now

Play Doh

Mark Thomas s03e05 Nuclear Trains Part 3

Mark Thomas s03e05 Nuclear Trains Part 1

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Gilead foundation - helping people out of addiction

if you can help or need help with this vital ministry then please go to the above link and get in touch. the work done through gilead is a wondeful WORK.and i know has helped many get there lives back from addiction.thankyou - caz

Gilead Foundations operates as a Christian Life Training Centre, offering a range of support services for people with life-controlling addictions, relating mainly to drug and alcohol abuse as well as gambling and other addictive behaviours. The main work of Gilead Foundations is undertaken at its headquarters at Risdon Farm, near Jacobstowe, Okehampton which has Care Registration for up to 10 care beds, in addition to a further 42 beds provided under the Supporting People programme.


Gilead Foundations operates a four-phase training programme. New students initially attend a six-week course which includes, if appropriate, detox and life stabilisation. This enables the student to deal with the effects of drug or alcohol abuse and to begin to take responsibility for their own actions, behaviour, attitudes and personal hygiene.

During the remaining three phases of the programme, students spend up to two years at Gilead putting new foundations and strength in their lives by dealing with the root causes of their addictive behaviour. The aim of the programme is to enable students to re-enter society, free from addiction and able to live and work confidently. While at Gilead, students are required to work in various roles on the farm and its associated activities, such as milk processing and packing. This will involve participation in City & Guilds and NVQ training programmes, providing students with nationally recognised qualifications on completion of their training.

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ok now tis makes me laugh out loud every time , its the funniest thing that ever came out of this fantastic show. BRING BACK ROY WALKER!!!

morning everyone
just a short note to say hi and let you know i will be adding more content very soon. watch this space!

Happy -- Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Peel P50 smallest car in the world on top gear hilarious!!

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hello, as im sure those of you who actually bother looking at my blog ( i thank you by the way) you can see that i have just been raiding the you tube archives. i went abit over board on the top gear clips but man are these guys the best. i still hold that its the funniest program on telly and richard hammond well, im just glad hes ok after his acident. just a note though to jeremy and hamster, please be nice to james hes lovely x
well hope you enjoy my clips and hope all the vids will make you smile. coz thats why ive put them there lol. love caz x

Top Gear Limo Challenge

top gear in america

The Mighty Boosh - Tundra Rap

cool , the mighty boosh , i love these guys there my fav very funny and strangly sureal- watch this catchy ditty

Misheard Numa Numa Lyrics

wow this is amazing , i was trying to sing along with the real lyrics now i wont be able to without using these silly missheard lyrics. funny!

Numa Numa

Starwars kid episode 1

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Ebay link to - cards i make and am selling i have christmas cards availible too

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fun in my brain!


summer ladybug
spring scene
art of a night summer

i love silly signs so i thought id put a few that are silly and thought provoking

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bore me website where theres some funny and clever and not so email virals. these are not viruses they are funny tings sent in emails

click here for ebay link - cards i make and sell

below is a link where you can buy some of my personally handmade greetings cards. this link is for 40 but if you look at my other items you will see i have other options including christms cards
thankyou for looking!

good morning

Good morning.
well today looks like another fairly busy one for me, although I'm not feeling too well so ill just have to pace it a'bit if poss. not sure what to write about but
Ive put a picture of a rainbow on here as i love to see them, it always makes me stand in awe of why we have them and the beauty of them. its to remind us that God keeps his promises and that he will not flood the earth as he did in Noah's time again.

that's not to say we wont get floods , because as you have all seen including here in the u.k. and all over the world there have been awful devastating floods. but he wont wipe the earth over with one.

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aids charity website terence higgins trust and mildmay hospital click here

although i dont necessarily agree with the thing of sex outside marriage no matter what your sexual persuasion i still feel it important to tackle this awful disease of aids and HIV. so I've included the link above to the website
mildmay is a wonderful christian charity which says on its site "As a Christian charity we are dedicated to transforming the hopes and lives of individuals challenged by the illnesses, disability, prejudice and deprivation that HIV+AIDS can bring."

Bipolar disorder/manic depressive disorder website

Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression)
Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental health problem involving extreme swings of mood (highs and lows). Both men and women of any age from adolescence onwards and from any social or ethnic background can develop Bipolar Disorder.

It often first occurs when work, study, family or emotional pressures or stressors are at their greatest. In women it can also be triggered by childbirth or during menopause.
The illness is episodic, i.e. occurs in phases but it is possible to remain well for long periods.

Typically, the key to coping with Bipolar Disorder is an early diagnosis by a qualified mental health specialist and acceptance of the condition. Severe and/or untreated episodes of
Bipolar Disorder can be very damaging to the person affected and their families and friends.

Mood Swings
Most people experience ups and down, (highs and lows). It is only when these become so extreme that they interfere with ordinary everyday activities, and cause you to behave in uncharacteristic ways, that it is called Bipolar Disorder or Manic Depression. Two different names for the same thing. Between mood swings people with the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder feel and behave like anyone else with the ordinary ups and downs that anyone can experience. But the extreme highs and lows can affect not only feeling, but also thoughts and behaviour.

Everyone's experience of Bipolar Disorder is different:

Some people are more affected by depressions with just the occasional period of mania. For others, it is the other way round.
Some people experience extreme mood swings only occasionally, with long periods of stability in between, others experience them more up to five or six episodes a year. This is sometimes called "rapid cycling" manic depression.
For some people mood swings seem to be triggered by stressful events in their life, for others they appear to come out of the blue.
For some people, the highs and lows are relatively short, and for others they may last many months.
Some people have just one or two mood swings in their life, others have mood swings for many years, but these often get less severe as you get older.

stephen frys official website click for link

part two of my stephen fry documentarys writeup (click here for link)

well not only do i think that Stephen Fry's new programme is very brave and important but also his wonderful and honest look at the "secret life of the manic depressive"
program which was shown last year and i still think like "HIV & me" should be available to buy on DVD as they would be great educational and candid exposes of these subjects. of which i cant think of any one better than Mr fry detailing on these subjects.
the subject of manic depression is one which I'm starting to learn more of not just through programs like Stephens but also through personal experience with both a very close friend of mine whom i love dearly but also suffers tremendously with this condition and also my husband.
its a subject that to be honest before this i knew very little if anything about and its one of the most difficulty things i have to live with apart from my own M.E. in my life at the moment.
Mr fry also lives with manic depression and has used this for good esp making it know to those whom like myself knew little or nothing about it. although the condition can be very good for the person in the sense of mass creativeness it can also be quite destroying for those who have it and those who love the person living with it.
if you want to read a boo on the subject i know there are many but my husband has just read "Touched with fire" about the condition and its creative side.
ill try and write more later but i suggest if you want to learn more of the subjects mentioned that you try and learn about them as i believe education is key in fighting both the conditions and also how we look at those who live with them.

my bit about stephen fry and his documentarys.

hi its october 4th and im not sure ive mentioned before but i have a great deal of admiration for stephen fry the comic and actor and presenter,
not only is he very funny but i think he has been one of the bravest men in television. he is presenting a program on bbc 2 on tuesday evenings at 9pm called HIV & ME it has so far been a moving and direct account of hiv in our country and the world.
there was a young girl on the show, in her teens who was born with the hiv virus who like stephen fry said , is one of the wisest person he had spoken to whilst making the program and one of the youngest too.she is one of the bravest young ladies ive seen.
she has been attacked verbally by neihbours and had grafiti plastered around before she bravely desided to put about her condition her blog from which many did apoliguise to her thankfully.
just because she has a condition which she was born with. but unlike some who and i include myself, would just waist the opertunity to use it, she is trying to make it known to others to encourage, and educate.
it also shows the risks that even after the massive 80's ad campains on the dangers of hiv/aids young people esp are still taking the risks and dicing with this awful condition. it does kill and people shouldnt be complacent with there lives or others.
as a christian myself who isnt honestly judging any ones life or lifestyle for myself i know that its important not to sleep with other people if your with somone or to not use protection. but i believe in marriage being the ideal in life and what feel God thinks is the best for us. i do pray for those who are living with hiv/aids and i know that its an awful awful thing for anyone to have wether gay,straight, contracted through drugs or transfusions or born with it. and i pray that those who live with it will feel the comfort of the holy spirit of god. x

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october 3rd 2007 (click here for blog things link)

good morning friends
hope that all is well on planet moomoo today
not sure what to write today but as you can see ive been on the blog things webite see the above title link.
well its getting colder here where i live definatly feels like autumn now. and i really have got to have some of my home made cards sold very soon so that i can pay for my temple trip all being well.
not sure what im doing today as very tired but may pop round to my familes

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october 2nd 2007 2

october 2nd 2007 lds links

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great site for free stuff!!!

good day to you all. ive not posted in a while but thought i should. ive just joined a great initiative called freecycle here in uk.
yesturday i read on the local site where i live that somone wanted a lava lamp and a sandwhich toaster and hey presto that same evening after emailing them and saying i had these items which they were welcome to have , we met up at a neutral place to be safe and i gave the perso these items. the rule for the website is that the items must be free! so thats great. its an active recycling site and a comunity based thing too. so i really recommend it to everyone. its either or come or if there not right just google it.
it will find a group via your post code or area which you can then join mostly through yahoo groups. but its fantasic. and free!!!

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3rd march total lunar eclipse (wow!) click here for nasa link

well last night i was woken up from a peaceful nights sleeps to view a lunar eclipse which to be honest i didnt think we'd be able to see as it was ment to be very wet and cloudy all weekend. but see it we did and it was glourios to behold. lol
it went through the phases and at totality it looked preety cool as the moon almost to the naked eye seem to become very faint and a browny reddish colour absolutly magnificent. ive not seen a clearer sky in ages and so many star constelations could be seen. the moon was bright and yould clearly see all of what was happening. it was amazing to think that this eclipse could be viewed(weather dependeing) from every continant on earth wow.
it was cool and i hope you got to see it too.

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beautiful duckling born with 4 legs,(clickhere to find link)

Four-legged duckling shocks owner

The mutation is rare but cases have been recorded elsewhere
An ugly duckling has made waves on a farm after being born with four legs.
A rare mutation has left eight-day-old Stumpy with two extra legs behind the two he moves around on.

Owner Nicky Janaway, of Warrawee Duck Farm in the New Forest, Hampshire, said she was gobsmacked when she turned Stumpy over to check his sex.

"It was absolutely bizarre. I was thinking 'he's got too many legs' and I kept counting: One, two, three, four,'" she said.

Mrs Janaway said the animal would not survive in the wild.

"He's eating and surviving so far and he is running about with those extra legs acting like stabilisers," she said.

"He's had so much attention he is having a power nap at the moment because he's exhausted but we will making sure he's OK and hopefully he will carry on and survive."

The mutation is rare but cases have been recorded across the world.

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weekend notes

Hello, well today is Saturday and weekend only to go before i set off with some friends from church to visit the temple. it will be nice to have a break away from the world for a few days to be honest, things have started to get to me a bit. so hopefully ill have some nice stuff to tell you when i get home God willing of course.
i hope you my readers are doing well.
love moo

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Your Brain is Yellow

Of all the brain types, yours is the most intellectual.
You crave mental stimulation, and your thoughts tend to very complex.
Your thoughts tend to be innovative and cutting edge, though many people don't understand them.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about science, architecture, and communication.

You Are "Dizzy and Giddy"

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You are calm and rational.
You are also giving and kind - a great friend.
You are easy going and trusting.
However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games.

You Are Ned Flanders

A good neighbor and a devout Christian, you are a community leader.

And you are called to make the world a better place, especially for left handed people.

You will be remembered for: your goofy expressions - "hi-dilly, ho-dilly!"

Your life philosophy: "I've done everything the Bible says - even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff!"

Your Outrageous Name is:

Bertha Contro

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darwin awards winner my faverot (click here for link)

good morning
hope you are feeling warm in this cold weather, my thoughts are often turned to those who arn't fortunate like myself to have a roof over my head, i have a real heart for people without homes who have to sleep rough , the weather here is so so cold now and where i live there arn't even shelters for people to sleep in the bus stop is often every night not even a safe place for a rough sleeper. so i urge you to if you don't already to soften your hearts towards people less fortunate its so easy to just turn a blind eye but no matter where you live there will always be poverty like this. show kindness, smile say hello . it may not always be appropriate but it will be worth it and I'm sure you will be blessed by Heavenly Father for showing Christ like Love. (see link for uk info)

well I've just woke up and I'm freezing cold again its really winter here now after the rather too warm start.
there's a very funny (also abit not funny) story which has to be my favorite of all the Darwin awards.
if you've not heard about the Darwin awards its a compilation every year of the silly and sheer stupid things us humans are capable of often and mostly resulting in sadly death for the person but the one i want to share with you is from one of the very few people in the Darwin awards who didn't die from the actual story mentioned but did take his life years later very sad. its not the ending i like but how he got to the point of the award. so here goes.....

Lawn Chair Larry 1982 Honorable Mention Confirmed True by Darwin

(1982, California) Larry Walters of Los Angeles is one of the few to contend for the Darwin Awards and live to tell the tale. "I have fulfilled my 20-year dream," said Walters, a former truck driver for a company that makes TV commercials. "I'm staying on the ground. I've proved the thing works."
Larry's boyhood dream was to fly. But fates conspired to keep him from his dream. He joined the Air Force, but his poor eyesight disqualified him from the job of pilot. After he was discharged from the military, he sat in his backyard watching jets fly overhead.
He hatched his weather balloon scheme while sitting outside in his "extremely comfortable" Sears lawn chair. He purchased 45 weather balloons from an Army-Navy surplus store, tied them to his tethered lawn chair dubbed the Inspiration I, and filled the 4' diameter balloons with helium. Then he strapped himself into his lawn chair with some sandwiches, Miller Lite, and a pellet gun. He figured he would pop a few of the many balloons when it was time to descend.
Larry's plan was to sever the anchor and lazily float up to a height of about 30 feet above his back yard, where he would enjoy a few hours of flight before coming back down. But things didn't work out quite as Larry planned.
When his friends cut the cord anchoring the lawn chair to his Jeep, he did not float lazily up to 30 feet. Instead, he streaked into the LA sky as if shot from a cannon, pulled by the lift of 42 helium balloons holding 33 cubic feet of helium each. He didn't level off at 100 feet, nor did he level off at 1000 feet. After climbing and climbing, he leveled off at 16,000 feet.
At that height he felt he couldn't risk shooting any of the balloons, lest he unbalance the load and really find himself in trouble. So he stayed there, drifting cold and frightened with his beer and sandwiches, for more than 14 hours. He crossed the primary approach corridor of LAX, where Trans World Airlines and Delta Airlines pilots radioed in reports of the strange sight.
Eventually he gathered the nerve to shoot a few balloons, and slowly descended. The hanging tethers tangled and caught in a power line, blacking out a Long Beach neighborhood for 20 minutes. Larry climbed to safety, where he was arrested by waiting members of the LAPD. As he was led away in handcuffs, a reporter dispatched to cover the daring rescue asked him why he had done it. Larry replied nonchalantly, "A man can't just sit around."
The Federal Aviation Administration was not amused. Safety Inspector Neal Savoy said, "We know he broke some part of the Federal Aviation Act, and as soon as we decide which part it is, a charge will be filed."

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new york hero (click here for link)

Good morning my loyal fans lol

well my hubby has just gone to work and im still waking up, its gone very cold here now it is really feeling like winter. still not long now till spring. mind you the plants had been coming up way too early and alot will be killed off when these frosts really set in. it had been too mild really.

heres a heart warming story of bravery in new york that my hubby showed me this morning that i said there should be more men like him in the world and he sounded jeaulous or somthing and said yeah what a guy. what kind of reation was that! any way here it is for ya all.

New York's 'Subway Superman' has roots in Pensacola
Reginald T. Dogan (taken from
Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard about the "Subway Superman."He's the New York construction worker who jumped on a subway track in front of an oncoming train to save a young man who had suffered a seizure. He covered the man's body in the gutter and allowed the train to run above them.What you probably didn't know is that this modern-day Superman, Wesley Autrey, was born in Pensacola in 1957 at Our Lady of Angels, a Catholic hospital for black people during segregation.His miracle moment began on Jan. 2, a normal winter day in New York, as he took his daughters to meet his mother before he went to work.After his heroic moment on the tracks, Wesley refused to seek treatment at the hospital and went to work on his construction job as if nothing happened.The man he saved, Cameron Hollopeter, 20, was treated for the seizure and minor injuries.I caught up with Wesley by telephone in Harlem, N.Y., a day after his Tuesday appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in Los Angeles.Everyone thinks he's a hero -- except himself."I don't feel like a hero," the 50-year-old Navy veteran said. "The real heroes are the ones who are fighting in Iraq overseas."Since he left his Hatton Street home and moved to Brewton, Ala., at age 4, Wesley doesn't remember much about Pensacola.But extended family members who live here remember him and are abuzz about his valiant deed.Pensacola resident Shirley Crenshaw White is Wesley's second cousin. Her late mother and Wesley's late grandmother were sisters.Shirley, 67, saw her cousin on "The Late Show with David Letterman" for the first time since he was a little boy living in Pensacola."We're real proud of him," she said. "Any and everybody in my family would have done the same thing to help. That's just the way we are."Shirley works for Southern Botanicals Landscape Contracting and attends St. Joseph Catholic Church. She graduated from St. Joseph High School in 1957.She remembers Wesley as a child."He was just like he was on television -- always talking, outgoing and friendly," she said. "He's the spitting image of his father."Wesley's father, Robert Autrey, still lives in Brewton. Wesley lived there until age 12, when he moved with his mother to New York.It's been a long time since Robert last saw or talked to his son. But like the rest of America, he is so proud."I'm not surprised he had the nerve to do it," his father said. "He took after me. Sometimes, you have to take a chance in life."But Wesley did more than take a chance. He risked life and limb.Even though Wesley downplayed his bravery and courage as something anybody would do, the sad reality is that the subway station was crowded with people at the time."I came from a good Christian family," said Wesley, who has three children and two grandchildren. "My mom raised me to live a good life and help people when you can."Wesley's daring story has put him in the national spotlight. In addition to appearing with DeGeneres and Letterman, he has been on several daytime talk shows. He will be on the "Oprah Winfrey Show'' later this month.His telephone rings constantly. Some callers are complete strangers so moved by his heroics that they offer rewards.New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg honored him at City Hall. Donald Trump rewarded him with a $10,000 check. His daughters received college scholarships.

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temple trip in febuary

hi again 3rd post today if im careful ill become a blogger addict lol

anyway just wanted to let you know that God willing ill be going back to the london temple in feb for a few days. i so hope i wont be ill or anything to stop this trip. its a long way but very much worth the travel.

the spitit is so strong there and just being with gods people and serving in His house is such a privalage too.

i wont write too much just now but wanted to just let you know that i Know with all my heart that the God of issac, jacob and abraham lives and loves us all. he is the God of isreal and i love him and serve him.

well i pray for you who read this blog to feel blessed and hope you might find this a place of friendship and goodness in amoungst a world of hurt and pain. take care. and God bless you x


GOOD MORNING USA OOPS I MEAN UK (click here for link)


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